Evesham Nav-Cam 7000 SD card software

Discussion in 'ICE, Sat Navs & Dash Cams Forum' started by Ahmed, Dec 22, 2006.

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    First to pre-empt warranty questions let me spin you a yarn: I bought an Evesham Nav-Cam 7000 in the summer from my boss's brother (!) and all was well except that it would not charge the internal cells.
    So I thought, seeing as it's under warranty until December 06, I'll get my boss's brother to get it replaced...Anyway, several units later, I've have replacement units with all manner of hardware and software problems much worse than the original problem of the battery not charging!!! (I'm only ever going to want to use the damn thing in my car - so I should have left it maybe?)

    Well the situation now is that Evesham have given us yet another 7000 chassis with all new navigation software provided by the AA, which is better than the older version in some ways but horrid in others. Anyway, I've managed to get the old release of the navigation software from a guy selling one of these things on ebay, but my problem is that the recent places log does not work. Any ideas? Or better still, anyone got a working version of this SD card software they could put on a disk for me and post out? (I'll pay for the disk and postage etc.)

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