Everything you ever wanted to know about 3D but were afraid to ask

Steve Withers

Sorry, I didn't mean to go off on one, hit a bit of a nerve there. Personally I would never watch anything converted from 2D to 3D, it never looks right and it just isn't real 3D.

In answer to your question, yes DMFM was shot with 3D cameras, it was Hitchcock's only foray into the format but unfortunately by the time it was released the 3D craze had passed and it was only shown in 2D, hardly anyone has seen it in its original 3D.


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Have you tried a DVD of it in 2D>3D?
Must agree with Steve - it doesn't look right.

Looking 3D and looking right - do not seem to match in the 2D->3D tv conversion.

The tv is only guessing at what should be right.


Interesting S W.
I knew they made some films way back in 3D but didn't know M for M was one of them.

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