Everyone states its better to set audio output to 5.1 uncompressed, but when doing so Disney+ no longer shows Atmos titles as having Atmos, just 5.1.


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So my question is, why do I need to utilise the bitstream option in the audio settings for the app the recognise Atmos is possible. I don't want the Xbox to compress the audio, but the only way for films to show as containing Atmos in the Disney app is to have the Xbox set to bitstream and Atmos. Can anyone explain how using uncompressed is a better option if it renders the streams without Atmos, can Atmos not be sent over PCM uncompressed, because I get the feeling that the Atmos mode under bistream is creating its own version of Atmos effects, rather than using the original metadata contained in the stream. I know someone here with a better understanding will be able to explain this to me.

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The majority of games do not include an Atmos soundtrack so to get the best quality audio you will want to set the Xbox to Uncompressed PCM, of course this will be different for those few games that do support Atmos and for content through apps such as Disney+ so you will need to change it as and when needed.


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I found when I used atmos in games it introduced a small lag. Not huge but noticeable if you compared it back to back with pcm doing something like firing a gun. I sacked it because of this.

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