Everyone said Firewire was the way to go...


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I've been transfering video from my Panasonic GS250 via high speed USB 2.0 and was getting reasonable results.
Everyone keeps saying how good firewire is so I thought I'd buy a card £18 from PC world and give it a try. Especially if I want to upgrade my editing software to something better which usually doesn't support USB 2 video transfer.
The problem is that my pc Win XP SP2 says that under firewire no device is connected!
XP recognises the Firewire card and says the card is working correctly. But won't recognise my GS250 video camera.

And yet USB 2 is still recognised instantly :mad:

What can I do to get XP to see my camera under firewire?


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Have you installed the correct drivers? - That's all I can think it would be.


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Do you have Windows firewall enabled? It could be seeing the camera as a network device & blocking it. If you have no other firewall then disconnect from the internet then try switching the Windows Firewall off.


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Thanks for the ideas.
I've not installed any drivers speciffically but windows detected the card at switch on and reports it correctly as a firewire card and that the device is working correctly.

I've got norton internet security firewall (2004) and I've tried switching it and windows firewalls off but it made no difference.

I don't know how much notice Norton takes though because on some apps I click 'Block traffic' and 'use this setting everytime for this app' and it comes back with the same question next time anyway!



Firewire does not need any additional drivers to work. All that are required are part of the XP install (or any version of Windows from 98se on).

When XP SP2 was released there were a load of reports on here about (mainly) Panasonic camcorders that worked via firewire suddenly no longer being detected. MS released a patch to solve this issue that you should still be able to download from their site. I suggest you do a search of this site for more details.

Good luck,

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