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Hi All,

Having recently extended our house, and installing a projector in the family/play room :thumbsup: - I am now looking for an everyday 40" screen for childrens cartoons and regular TV viewing. The TV will go behind the projector screen, so a slim profile would be preferable. Budget would be up to £500. Sound isn't an issue, as we'll be using in-ceiling speakers and separate amp for sound.

The main use for the TV will be:

SD and occasional HD from Virgin
Disney DVDs through PS3

I would prefer the TV to be HD as it will be the main TV we'll use when not watching films on the projector. The room is bright, but the screen won't have direct sunlight.

I really like the plasma we have in the lounge (now 5 years old) - but will I get a similar quality screen for around the £500 mark? Also, do I need to worry about screen burn at this price range? Is LCD/LED a better option?

All thoughts/opinions appreciated.

Percy P.


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Permanent burn isnt an issue with plasmas now, you can get IR but it goes in no time at all. Maybe have a look at the S20, with a bright room though you'd prob need the G20's filter and thats around 600, so LCD may well be your best bet.
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