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    Proposed Show Update:

    The response for the show was good, but not overwhelming. Enough folk responded to make it worthwhile doing on a small scale, but to achieve what was originally intended and to get folk everything they really want to see will require a new strategy.

    Of those who replied a handful were not willing to come to Glasgow. But unfortunately, from my point of view, doing it somewhere else would simply be too costly, and I feel it would be unlikely I could control it enough to produce a worthwhile event if it were not in Glasgow. So, apologies to those who ve said they wouldn t be able to make it up to Glasgow. Hopefully, if we manage to put together something special you ll try and make it anyway.

    The general consensus is that folk want to see direct comparisons of competing technologies, including, LCD/DLP/D Ila and CRT. Also the difference between 7/8 and 9 tubed CRT s and the difference between off-board video scalers and perhaps HTPC/HCPC. Some interest in screen materials was also mentioned. Some folk asked about audio but that was not in the original mix. Suffice to say that we d plan on having a top notch audio system with the projectors and smaller systems in other rooms.

    The problem I now encounter is that some of the suppliers I want to invite are expecting some form of incentive. One has already said as much. i.e. it s going to cost them money to do this, so are they going to see a return, because if not then why bother. It s been suggested, not by the manufacturers I may add, but be one of the respondents from the posting board, that we offer everything on show at a special discount for a week to all who attend. This makes it a commercial show from StereoStereo s point of view and also from HCConline s as well. Obviously this would preclude me talking about it at length on the board and makes me feel a bit bad for turning it in to a sales opportunity when I d originally not envisaged it as such. I guess I was being a bit na ve. Then there s the fact that we were going to invite manufacturers whose products we don t currently sell and whose products we might not want to sell in future. That s more my problem than any of yours though.

    The way shows usually work is that the shop hires a hotel and then sells the manufacturer floor space. Unfortunately we don t have that luxury, because again, it would simply prove too costly, even if I charged those who said they d pay at the top amounts they said they d pay .Then there s the environmental control issues ..

    What I need to know from all of you now, is how you would feel if this turned in to a small show rather than a special event like the one I d originally envisaged. I ll need to get numbers up and the shop will probably have to advertise in mags but I think it maybe be the only way forward. There is a remote chance I can do this by myself and with some of the forum members help but for now I need your thoughts on what I ve just said.

    Now, on top of all this StereoStereo are busy, all the custom installation stuff happens in the summer and I m going to Canada for three weeks in mid May. (First week is to carry out my ISF training (for myself not SS) followed by a few days with one of Canada s top Home Theater dealers and ISF calibrators for on the job training, followed by a couple of weeks holiday. I ve bought my colour analyser and have already been playing with my projector, and the one in the shop. Big, measurable, differences abound! Expect an announcement this weekend about this development.

    So everything is heating up. I am still very keen to proceed, assuming you are! As you can imagine, this is going to take up a lot of my free time (not to mention a lot of my un-free time) so I need to be sure we re all still up for it. Ideally, I d like to get to work on this at the weekend, so all comments will be gratefully received.

    Please EMAIL me rather than post here as it s easier to locate and read and there s less chance of fights and flames polluting the info I need to extrapolate. Thanks in advance guys, I m looking forward to pulling things together on this one, and I think we can achieve something extremely interesting in the end. I ll keep you posted!

    Convergent AV
    Coming soon to a screen near you.

    If you are new to the board and don't know what this is all about. Just email for the original propal questions.

    [email protected]

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