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I have a strange problem that appeared suddenly on my 8 year old SHARP LC-60LE740E 60”LCD television. It has 22 evenly spaced horizontal grey stripes over the entire area of the screen. The stripes only effect dim areas of an image. Blacks are still purely black, and anything brighter than 40% is unaffected. Bright outdoor scenes are fabulous. Dark low contrast scenes ... like all CGI on Netflix are unbearable. It’s like your looking through dirty venetian blinds. The grey bars appear above any slightly dark colors. If you look closely, you’ll see that there are white pixels mixed in with the correct colors over the width and height of the bars. The edges of the bars are sharp. Between the grey bars, the image in un-effected. From close up, it looks like the TV is adding black pixels to the color to darken it, but inside the bars, the black pixels are turning white.

At the same time as the TV started to do this, it also started to exhibit image retention. If anything bright stays on the screen for more than a few seconds, like a brightly lit window, or a logo, or text, it will stay there on the screen, slowly fading for about 20 seconds until its gone. For 20 seconds after text disappears from the signal, I can continue to read it perfectly on the screen until it fades away.

It has nothing to do with the LCD panel. Motion is still perfect. The LCD layer is fully responsive. Bright images are spectacular. Blacks are pure black.

In the sample image, you can see the horizontal bars as well as the white area, text and logo that was on the screen 10 seconds before I took the picture. A while later, these all faded away.

I’m at a loss to explain this. I opened up the TV and looked closely at the boards. I don’t seen any damaged components. In fact, everything looks brand new. I disconnected all cables and reseated them. It’s not connections. It’s like after 8 years the video processor has suddenly gotten Alzheimer’s or something.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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