Evening in North Queensferry (flickr tour). Watery rocks.


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Spent yesterday evening in North Queensferry for a sort of guided tour thingy by Duncan Smith Not a great deal of timje actually taking photo's so didn't spend as much time experimenting as I'd have liked.

#1 - North Queensferry is famous for its ghost trains and I was lucky enough to get one on camera!!

10mm | 65s | F6.3 | CPL + ND1000

#2 - Inky Black

15mm | 2s | F16 | CPL + ND8


13mm | 2.5s | F16 | CPL + ND8


21mm | 2s | F16 | CPL + ND8

#5 - Forth Bridge and Moon

140mm | 1/125s | F9

C&C welcome


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#1, #2 and #5 are my pick of the lot.

#1 is quite busy but the effect works well

#2 is very nice, well composed and enough foreground interest to get over the 'blank' middle part of the image.

I was put off #3 due to the horizon not being level and #4 because there is just not enough in it for me, a lower angle might have helped here.

#5 is nicely composed again, my only comment would be that the colours seem a little 'pale' maybe boost the saturation and add a tad of contrast to the pic to improve it.

Nice set overall :clap:

That bloke likes his trollies doesn't he!!!


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Great stuff Ally - lovely part of the country for taking photographs. I think #2 is my favourite.

Such a shame the bridge seems to be constantly covered is scaffolding these days :(

I have Duncan as a contact on my Flickr account - some of his shots are amazing. He seems to be obsessed with the bridges, and at odd times of the day too .... like 4am!:eek:


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Great shots ally - Great colours and contrast. No 2 is my pick.

I think you might want to invest in a Nikon D3 though, if only for it's new 'virtual horizon' function. ;)

Gizmo 76

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Great Shots Ally :thumbsup:

No. 2 is my definite fav, cracking shot!!

And that guy and his trollies has kinda stole my thunder because it clearly show's that they are not out of place if they appear that regularly :rolleyes::D


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Great shots Ally :smashin:

Wow, it must have been bright out for a max 2.5sec SS with an ND8...?!
Glad to see you're sticking with the CPL. I'm yet to pluck up the courage to click the buy button!!


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Like the ghost Train photo best, we have loads of ghost trains in my neck of the woods, they are all noted on the timetables, but never managed to see one yet:D

Pebbles and water ones are also good photos, i am beginning to think that you and Liquid are really the same person:)


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Very nice once again Ally.

I love these long shutter speed photographs. Especially where water is involved.



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I really like #2 and #3, and I think I prefer #3 actually. The colours & composition are good and it looks quite menacing. I'm not keen on the bit of land on the horizon though but I guess you couldn't move that very easily.

The train is good too. I like long shutter speed shots applied in daylight to otherwise quite mundane images. It gives them a very different feeling.



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