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Even more confused now. LCD v Plasma.

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Jed, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. Jed

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    Aug 20, 2002
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    Well i have cancelled my order for the Tosh 32WL LCD.
    I have since found a review for the 26" version and aint happy about it.
    It even has issues with NTSC discs.!!!!

    So now i have turned my attention to either
    Panasonic 37" Viera
    Sony KLVL32M1S

    Thing is i don't want to buy the Sony until i get plenty feedback for it.

    The other thing is this HDTV.As i now know that the Panny does not support it.

    So will i need it.??
    Like i have said previous i don't really watch that much terrestrial t.v. apart from the footy.
    I have heard that HDTV is going to cost a fortune anyway so not really that much interested.
    So it come's down to longevity.
    How long can we say a Panny Plasma will last against the Sony LCD.?

    What's my chances of getting a breakdown with either machine. I would hate to get only a years cover with the Plasma, but the LCD is much cheaper for a 5 year warranty. How many of the Plasma owners have only one year.

    Off to work now but will check back later.


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