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Question Eutelsat 9B UK Reception?


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Unfortunately, Super Tennis appears to have moved from Hotbird (13.0E) to Eutelsat 9B (9.0E). Is Eutelsat 9B receivable here in the UK?

I already have a dish pointing at Hotbird with a second LNB mounted on it to receive Astra 1 (19.2). I'm half hoping that I can just mount a third LNB on that dish to receive Eutelsat 9B.

Thanks all in advance.


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Hi there ... I've got a similar set up to yourself with Astra 1, Hotbird and Eutelstat 9.

I've got an old 80cm steel dish with three LNBs.

9E is available but is a weak signal relative to the other two so I used the main LNB on the end of the arm to point to that one. Tricky to tune compared to Hotbird and 19E. I found 9E didn't work well with a small Sky dish, so switched to the 80cm.

I then put the next LNB on the left of the main LNB (looking at the satellite dish) for Hotbird followed by the final one for Astra 1, again on the left of the Hotbird LNB.

So, final results:

9E - ok once tuned in it was fine but the picture would cut out in heavy rain. Also my pole is an old aerial pole so it's not very strong and it bends and flexes. The old steel dish is heavy and bends the pole so I needed to re-tune it every six months or so. A better pole such as a scaffolding pole and a good tight clamp for the dish might solve this problem.

Hotbird - because you have to jam the LNB right up to the main LNB it's not in an ideal position but I did get the Italian channels which is all I was interested in though there were lots of other transponders that didn't pick up their channels.

Astra 1 - this was easy to tune and seemed to pick up all the channels as it's got a strong signal.

I hope this helps ... I'll try to post a picture of how the rig looks on my (currently dismounted) dish later today.


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Thanks for the detailed response. Really helpful to know that it is possible.

I too have an old 80cm dish that has been there for about 15 years which is remarkable considering it's a cheap no-name dish.

Because it's been there so long I'm reluctant to try to re-align the dish as I think the rusted u-bolts will be reluctant to undo. I think I will just try mounting the Eutelsat LNB on the opposite side of the Astra 1 LNB with the Hotbird LNB in the middle. If it works, great, if it doesn't so be it.

Time to have a rummage through the satellite TV box of spares and see what I can find.

Edit:- After a quick rummage through the spares box I've found a brand new universal LNB and offset mounting bracket. There's a spare port on the Disecq switch, so good to go.


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I'll be interested to hear how you get on.

Here's the picture of my 'rig'. As you can see the Hotbird and Astra 1 LNBs seemed to get the best picture when staggered backwards, though I suspect this was as it enabled them to be snuggled up a bit closer to the main LNB. Ideally a longer arm would be needed for them to be located without touching.
View attachment 1367120

It's a rusty old one too, having lived for many years on the Brighton seafront so like you I had to replace most of the bolts before using it.

One thing I did find was that the vertical angle of the dish was fairly critical in getting 9E so you might need to adjust this if you don't find it at the satellite's current angle.

Also, the signal strength might weaken the further north you are. For info, I'm Reading based,


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9E is easilly receivable, in London anyway, on a 60cm dish. I have put in several for the Chinese community. To add it to a Hotbird dish the LNB needs to be up against the Hotbird one. No bracket required just tape it to the other LNB.


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Just looked up Supertennis on 9E and it is on a multistream transponder. Do you have a multistream capable receiver?

Probably not.

Until you posted this I had never heard of a multistream receiver. I have a Tiviar Alpha Plus which is, as far as I know, is just an old school Enigma 2 box. I will have have to get to grips with the newer satellite technology and thanks for the prior warning. I would have be disappointed to get the LNB up and not able to receive the desired channel.
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Thanks for the photos, the LNBs do seem to be jammed pretty close together.

If I go ahead (See @winston2010 's post) I will let you know how I get on, but now I'm not sure I will buy a new receiver just to get Super Tennis.

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