Eurogamer 360 versus ps3

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Without starting a flame war versus thread the video comparison on that article is fantastic. It really shows the positives and negatives of both versions graphically speaking. I think they went overboard on the blur on the PS3 when you see them side by side but by the same token you see how the textures do look nicer on the PS3. They mentioned they hoped for a option to turn off the post processing dithering on textures off in a future patch and I hope they do implement this as I'd love to see the difference.


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Drumroll please......

Okay all the Sony devotees together..... you know the lyrics....

"Lazy developers!!! Lazy, Lazy, L.. L... Lazy developers"


Okay sorry, I know that is really fanboyish but it is funny how that becomes the mantra every time there is an advantage in a 360 version of a game
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