Euro 2016: Snack Gadget Guide


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Any chance you could review the UUNI 2 ? might not be a kitchen gadget, but am sure there will be a lot of BBQ's going on too...?
I think your stretching the Euro 2016 guides a tad now ;)

Why make all this stuff yourself when you can mostly buy it in or order it

My 5 top Euro snacks

Toffee popcorn
Green and blacks 85% dark chocolate
Iced party rings or iced gems
Rack of barbecue ribs


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If Hodgson keeps picking Milner it will feel like we won't have time to boil a pot noodle before the boys are back in blighty.


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any chance of a review of the latest cordless Dyson to minimise cleaning up time between matches too? :rolleyes:

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Don't buy too much food in, we'll be done by match two. :)


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Nuts to cooking , just order up a pizza wedges plus dips. Although I do begrudge having to get up off the sofa to collect it from me front door :D.


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can we have a Euro 2016: Take-Away Guide next please? perhaps throw in budget and premium options?


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That's what the wife and kids are for
Nah couldn't be that mean , not with all the gardening and decorating she has to do ;).


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Has anyone got one of those Actifry things?

Always been tempted, but doubtful of the results. Do say chips taste like they have been fried? Or is it oven taste with a hint of oil?


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I fear the England team took the BREXIT referendum too literally, and decided to invoke their own 'article 50' immediately!
No need for those gadgets now unless you are a Welsh team fan. Anyone seen an oggi maker?

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