EU propose standard vehicle registration plate design


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UK number plates may be AXED by the EU and replaced with 'common colours' and 'ID tags' so says the Dailymail
Mail Online link

They suggest that all plates would also carry the EU symbol. What is the advantage of having an EU wide standard design for the plate? ID tags?

The actual combination of letters and numbers would still be different in each country, only the look would be standard. I think I read it correctly!

Is this a good idea or a bad idea?
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Is this a good idea or a bad idea?
Our plate design is superior to those everywhere else. Just like our three-pin mains plugs.
Switching to a common design to please other EU members would be a retrograde step for the UK.

From the DM
EU plans which could lead to the scrapping of the 110-year-old British licence plate design were condemned last night.
Actually the UK number plate design was originally silver symbols on a black background, the current reflective black on white/yellow were only mandatory from around 1974.


When will people ever learn? It's the Daily Fail with a click bait article jazzing up various "maybes" and suggestions to get a headline.

BBC News - Threat to British number plates? Think again

Indeed, pure scaremongering.

On the other hand, the article you linked to on the bbc website says:

"Even if other EU countries pursued this, which we don't think they are, the UK wouldn't support it"

As we know, regardless of whether we (the UK) support things or not, they can still be forced upon us by the EU!!


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If number plates were standardised I doubt the new law would apply retrospectively. That would mean there would be a date from which the new standard plates begin. This might make existing private plates even more desirable, or so I wish :)

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