Question [EU] Looking for a 40-43" 4K TV as computer monitor: 70% work/reading, 15% gaming, 15% video content (~500€ budget)


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to decide on a 4k TV to use exclusively as a computer monitor, to replace an old 1080p one. I've been looking for 3 days, and I require some advice to reach a decision.

My situation:
  • It will be my main computer monitor: will sit on my desk, 1.3m straight ahead of me. I need something 40-43" due to the distance.
  • Mainly used (~ 70%) to work (coding, reading), so I need it to be easy on my eyes since I spend all days on my computer (WFH).
  • A little bit of gaming (nothing competitive, I mainly play games for the graphics & storyline, e.g. The Witcher), so I'd like the screen to have a decent enough performance with games (Input Lag, Response Time, ...)

My budget is around 500€, but I could go a bit higher if it's worth it (e.g. getting a QLED or something like that). I'm in the EU (not the UK though, and can't order there due to Brexit).

I'm still not entirely decided on the IPS vs VA panel type: I am leaning towards VA considering my situation, but I've seen bad reviews related to black smearing/ghosting: I code & read a lot, and it's usually in dark-mode, i.e. white text on black background, which apparently isn't great with VA panels ? But I've read conflicting info on that ...

My two top picks at the moment are:

I am, of course, open to other suggestions.

Thank you for your advice.
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Not sure how much reading you have already done on the topic here on the forum, or whether you've seen my best buy guide here: **New** My best value TVs, 2020-2021 Edition

But its generally best to spend as little as you can when buying small TVs nowadays, since even the expensive models do not really do anything better than the cheaper ones.

Therefore you're best just going with whichever uses the panel type you want for as little money as possible. And place other preferences of the TV ahead of picture quality such as aesthetics or smart TV.

Regarding VA panels, they have a slow response time close to black, it shouldn't pose a problem for regular desktop usage, but is more something that some people find annoying when gaming on the TV. This is because VA panels response times are longer in darker colours/blacks and when those are moving at a pace with a lighter background, there's more motion blur.

The witcher is a good example of a game that has a lot of dark scenes, and something other people have played and noticed smearing, so in that respect you may be best looking at a 43" LG or Sony instead that will use IPS panels.


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Thanks for your reply @Dodgexander :)

I had indeed read your guide. The two models I linked were influenced by it:

- One from the IPS category (the Philips, which I wrongfully wrote as VA in my message - fixed):
From what I've seen the LG seems worse than the Philips (which also seems to have better motion handling), and their prices are roughly identical. The Sonys are way too expensive (can't seem to find them at less than 600). What would you pick in my situation between LG and Philips ?

- One from the VA category (the HiSense):
I've read a lot of bad comments on the Samsung T-series, so I generally avoided them. If I had to pick a VA, would you recommend the HiSense A7500 or the TU8500 ? Or maybe even the A7300 which is significantly cheaper (~ 320€), and I'm not sure Dolby & WCG would have any importance for a PC monitor ?

Thank you


The TVs in my guide are in order of preference, so LGs are above Philips because they are all-round better TVs. The Philips models do motion better, but that doesn't mean they'll have less motion blur, just that when you stream/play video from internal or ext sources it should be smoother with less mistakes. If you are using your computer as the hub of all things video too and sending the TV 60hz, then it won't matter which TV you use for motion as the computer will instead do the processing.

Again, like above they are in the guide in order of preference so Hisense A7300>Samsung in terms of value. The TU8500 is really no better than the TU7100/TU7000 mentioned with picture quality so you'll have to follow this link to find the feature differences:

The Hisense A7500 is just a variant of the A7300 with a wide color gamut, you'll want to go for the cheaper models if they are cheaper locally. The cheaper ones don't have game mode, but there input lag is already low. I have no idea if game mode even does anything on the Hisense TVs.


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Alright, got it:
  • If IPS: LG7100 (since the models above in that line only add smart features aimed at people using it as a TV)
  • If VA: HiSense A7300 (or 7500 if I manage to find some info on the impact of their Game Mode)

And you advise IPS over VA.

Thank you very much.

Last question: is there anything worthwhile in the Panasonic TX 40 [or 43] GX [or HX] 600-700 lineup ? (example)


Last question: is there anything worthwhile in the Panasonic TX 40 [or 43] GX [or HX] 600-700 lineup ? (example)
They are in the guide too:
Alternate TVs I struggle to recommend:
  1. Panasonic 40HX800 / 40HX820 - People ask a lot about this TV and it gets good reviews, but I can't personally recommend buying a TV this expensive given it shares the same shortfalls of TVs much cheaper. If you want a TV that is 10% better than cheaper models that costs 40% more you may prefer it. Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support. Wide colour gamut.
  2. Other Panasonic models - Vestel made, poor quality.

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