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Hi all,

desperately need some new in-ear phones, my current ones are the ones that came with my ipod and right now they are really falling apart :(

i've been looking at the Etymotic range in particular. And have found a good price for it (about £61 inc del from the US + import charges) which even with customs i hope wont come out above £75... a real saving from the £120 they are selling for here..

Previous threads on this forum all seem very complimentary, i'm just a little concerned by the low high frequency cutoff (16khz?). And just with regards to how often the filters need changing etc and how easy it is to get spares?

Has anyone else got experience of them? As i've said the threads i've read are very complimentary so as long as no one reports anything bad i may try and go ahead with this order later on...

cheers all,



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Very good quality in-ear phones,and well into the lower end of proper hifi...if that makes sense!
The quality is very dependent on fitting them properly,as is the level of isolation from external sounds,but done properly,the results from these tiny things are superb,and well worth it for plane flights etc.

As for filters,and cleaning,if you have reasonably clean ears(!!) then it becomes much less of a problem,and it's very easily done with the tool provided....spares in this country from StoneAudio as far as I remember from buying mine.


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i'm not entirely sure if this price is possible as i haven't ordered yet but i'll try and explain anyway.

firstly i looked through all (2!) uk retailers and found them to be around £120, then looked at some eu retailers to try and avoid customs and noticed that whilst cheaper by the time you added on shipping it wouldn't be worthwhile (ie saving of £5 or something).

So i began to look at US sites, given still the relative strength of the pound over the dollar. by chance i clicked on http://www.discount-electronic.com - the standard er6s were $20 cheaper than on the official site and elsewhere that id looked but also i noticed when searching that sets came up for $98...

Some quick maths will tell you that is about £60 and they offer flat rate shipping internationally for $10 it seems (which i was surprised about). Then even at worse customs can't charge you more than £15-20 so i think £80 is poss the worst it could come out at..

anyway, quickly clicked on the link to find that these were 'for nextag customers only', not discouraged i googled nextag and found it to be what looks nothing more than a US version of kelkoo and there doesnt seem to be any sort of user login..

as of yet i havent proceeded further yet as having read a few reviews on audioreview.com there are a few people saying that they are excellent but also a similar if not greater number either saying that they arent worth the money due to no bass (though this might be caused by their inability to get a good seal) and/or the fact that despite being half the price, they are still vastly inferior to the er4s.

hmm this reply is getting a bit long now ;) ...i would have ordered them this w/end had it not been for audioreview although words from alexs2 help boost my confidence.. was secretly hoping for other people to come forward and get some more opinions from people i 'know' (in a weird internet forum sort of way :p)


Bought my ER6-p's on ebay buy-it-now from a guy who seems to specialise in them (iDealSound?). Came in two days, and no customs charge. Total of £68 off my Paypal inc shipping and currency charges.

(search for etymotic, buy-it-now and available-to-UK)


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marct10 said:
Care to share the contact details for that price on the Etymotics ?
...the supplier I used was www.stoneaudio.com but the current exchange rate may make buying from the US worth investigating,and maybe try headroom in the US for prices.
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