Etymotic Evo In Ear Monitor Review & Comments


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Nice review @Ed Selley

I've been debating whether to buy the Evo. I have been an Etymotics fan for years and love my Er4sr.

Still undecided on these though, I've read elsewhere that they don't quite have the accuracy of the er4 series.


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The thinness of the wire means it’s a case of when it fails, not if…

Badger Mushroom

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Had some etymologics a few years back, and although the sound was good the durability was absolutely awful. Luckily got them from the Apple store and they replaced 3 of 4 pairs before I gave up on them. Each one lasted 6 months or less before the cables gave in. Good sound, awful quality


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Years ago, my ER4P lasted me 3 years before I had to get the cable replaced (wrapping and uncoiling it twice every single work day for the commute took it’s toll). I now have both the ER4SR and ER4XR in addition to my replacement ER4P and love each of them. I even rate their bluetooth cable highly so am a fan of the brand. I would be intrigued to try the Evo but if I’m honest can’t think of a sensible reason to part with the cash until my current Etys cease to work. Maybe one day they’ll make a true wireless.


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Every set of earphones I own, if you can change the cable, I do. Some are just not that good or you can basically get better/nicer. However, none of the original cables seems to be as bad as these. They massively cheaped out on these

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