Ethernet Splitter Help?


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Hi i would like to like to connect the following devices to my BT Home Hub:

Playstation 3
BT Vision box.

At the moment i have to connect the ethernet cable to which ever device i want to use. This is becoming a chore as there seems to be an ever increasing amount of cables i have to thread this around. So i was looking for something to allow all the devices to be plugged in at once (however only one will be used at a time) i've looked about and can only find 3 way splliters but these only allow 2 devices to be plugged in (?) so is there a 4 way splitter (which i guess would allow 3 devices).



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It's called a switch, a basic 100Mbit unit will do fine.


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I just purchased a NetGear GS605 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch I think it is exactly what you need, you could probably get away with the FS605 version if you wanted to save a couple of quid.


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