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I've been doing a bit of research into Ethernet over Coax. There seems to be so many different options, but not much sold in the UK. For example, I can only find these two products on Amazon:

Siemens HPN-3301 - Bridge - HomePNA 3.0 - desktop: Computers & Accessories 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Over Coaxial LAN Extender Kit 2.4km - Short-haul modem - 10Base-T, 100Base-TX - RJ-45 / F connector - external - up to 2.4 km: Computers & Accessories

These are both HomePNA 3.0 adaptors. There is a 3.1 standard, but I can't find any for sale in the UK.

There are also MOCA 1.1 and 2.0 standards - but again, can't find anything for sale in the UK. MOCA 2.0 is very promising, talking about a comfortable 800mbit throughput, but no devices are being sold for it yet.

Final option is Ethernet to VDSL2 conversion, e.g. this product:
Levelone Ethernet Over Vdsl2 Converter Vds-0202 (Bnc): Clothing
However, this seems to be the chosen course of action for longer distances at lower throughputs.

Anyone got anything else they know about for sale in the UK?


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Ah, good point. :) I'm trying to see if I can do more than 100meg over coax, e.g. 500+. The coax is "dedicated", so doesn't carry any other TV/satellite signals and is point to point, short run within the house.

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