Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


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Lets hope it better than Bruce Almighty....what a let down.

What other films has he got coming out/in production?.............


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I saw this tonight and for me a big recommendation!! :thumbsup:

Its under the guise as a romantic comedy...sure there is some gentle funny moments, but its much more interesting than that. Just don't expect Jim Carey acting the clown, to be honest I think this is his best acting piece to date!!

Check it out, see what you think and post your thoughts.


this has far more of an indie "feel" to it than i think most of the public will be expecting. it is shot in a very handycam kind of way. i loved it but can imagine people being misled by the trailer into thinking its a rom com. i would say it has more in common with films like "21 grammes" and "solaris".


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Saw this last night thought it was fab :smashin: I have to say I wasn't particularly looking forward to it (wasn't my choice) as I am not a big rom com fan, but I was really impressed. Best I have ever seen Jim Carrey (or Kate Winslett for that matter). As has been said, it had funny moments but wasn't really a comedy at all, in many ways it was quite melancholly.

I will worn you that many reviews for this film give too much of the plot away - I would try to see it before hearing too much about it if I were you... Highly recommended :clap:


Really enjoyed this last night. Don't think RomCom, think Charlie Kaufman. Not really a spoiler but. . .

The 1st half hour is pretty standard but after the opening credits, it really gets going


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just got back from seeing this. excellent :)

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