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Errors in Safari, only on wifi....


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I'm still not sure why this is happening... I keep getting errors in Safari telling me Safari can't open the page cos it can't find the server, and this only happens when using wifi, but only happens on some websites.

Before I go on I should add this is using feww wifi hotspots at my local, and not local, MacDonalds - as I don't have any wifi at home right now, so I can only use MacDonalds free wifi to test....

Anyway, I can open pretty much anything in Safari when using GPRS, including this forum, and another forum I use, and for both I have command line URL's to search for posts I have made, for example;


Now, these work fine when surfing over GPRS, albeit slowly as it has to send the request then download the "answer" I guess.

But when using the wifi connection in MacDonalds, they just don't work. I just get two "Safari can't open ... blah blah ... cannot find server". But then tap Google bookmark and off it goes no problem. Facebook works, Ebay, Apple.com, microsoft.com, Google Docs, Google Bookmarks, Google Talk all work fine.

Next, I can sometimes get into the AVForums by typing the name into Google and tapping the link for the site. But if it loads that and I then tap FORUMS at the top of the site, I get the "Safari can't open ... blah blah ... cannot find server" again. Likewise, I have a bookmark saved for this forum (iPhone Discussions) and that won't open - greeted with the infamous "Safari can't open ... blah blah ... cannot find server" yet again....

This only happens over wifi, and prior to last week I didn't have a problem like this.

I'd pop up to MacDonalds, check to see if any apps from the App Store or Cydia needed updating, and whilst waiting use Safari to check my posts on my two forums, no problem

A week ago I was in Burger King in Camden, which also had free wifi, and I got the "Safari can't open ... blah blah ... cannot find server" twice trying to access AVF, but then it worked fine, and let me update two App Store apps.

Then Tuesday just gone, my iPhone threw a fit after syncing with iTunes and refused to acknowledge my network carrier existed. After a restore and rejailbreak/unlock it's all working again but the above problems were noticed, are still happening, along with it not letting me access the App Store, and Cydia nearly always fails to connect, and won't let me update apps saying "POSIX ERROR : CONNECTION REFUSED"

Now, this MIGHT be because MacDonalds have put some kind of proxy limitation on thier wireless networks - I'd be surprised if thats the case tho as sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Likewise, the forums won't let me access them from bookmarks or typing URL into the address bar, but sometimes I can get in and do a search using Google to find the site and access from there. Also I'd be surprised if it was proxy blocking as you can access "adult" nature material over their networks (all in the name of research I might add! :D )

So I don't get it! I've reset the network settings on the phone, disconnected, reconnected and still get the issue's. I can't test it for definite till I get my wifi back at home I guess, but it's really hacking me off!!!!!!!


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Also had this problem today, also in a McDonalds! Kept getting that error message but only on selected sites. The same links I was trying to access (BT Openzone site) failed while using my sisters wifi, so it might be the sites. No problem accessing the links using a laptop. Never happened before!


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Interesting - thanks for the reply!

I shall have to try the sites I have problems with when I find any other unsecure (home) networks when out and about.....

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