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Trying to capture my first tape but keep getting sound errors in Ulead VideoStudio 7 and video errors in Movie Maker 2.

I first tried VideoStudio 7 and the audio would keep cutting out for a split second at the same points. I then have done Movie Maker 2 and at points the sound cuts out and even at one point it seemed to jolt along and missed out footage and wasnt really smooth.

Now the system is an XP2800 with 1Gb, and 2 x 120Gb ATA133 7200rpm 8mb drives. Capturing onto a drive with over 40Gb and can hold 4 hours of footage. I did put the Virtual Memory(Paging file) to default with Win XP Pro. Changed it now to what I have for my C drive and that is 1536 minimum and then 3072 maximum. Havent tried capturing on this setting yet. Any recommendations on Virtual Memory size?

The tape is fine as I have played it back on the camcorder and watched it on TV. VideoStudio 7 captured the footage alot better than what Movie Maker 2 did, so I am sure that its something software related or maybe hardware.

I have onboard Firewire so it could be that, but if it was then I would have thought it would mess up the captured footage the same time for both programs. Would it be a virtual memory problem? As it seems to cut in on VideoStudio 7 at the same time and then be ok afterwards.

I am not using the computer while its capturing. The drive that I capture to is my E drive which is on the same hard disk as the C drive as I basically split each 120Gb in half. So would this affect anything considering the C drive has all the programs etc? Would it be better to use the other drive which is basically D and F which are mostly free?

Any advice would be helpful as i've capture the footage 4 or 5 times so far.


Wouldn't have thought it was virtual memory - mine is only set at 800 min - 1536 max and I don't have any problems

Is the Hdd your capturing to formatted to NTFS, obviously your C drive is but it could be the software chopping your files to 4Mb chunks.

Are you only seeing this problem on your computer with the captured video (I understand you do NOT have a problem playing your camcorder to TV) - what you see and hear on a PC is not necessarily what you'll get on your final ouput - could be worth just burnig a VCD - not for quality but just to see if you still have the sound problem.


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All drives are NTFS. I havent watched the footage while capturing as so I should do really. One thing that I saw is that the file that has the problems was fragmented, it was a 6Gb odd file and had about 6 fragments. The other file wasnt fragmented and was fine.

With Ulead VideoStudio 7 I set it to create a new file everytime it picks up a new scene(new start point).

How would I go about burning it to VCD? As I havent bothered installing the software from the Sony TRV14 as I wasnt going to bother using USB at all. Or do you mean capture the footage as usual convert to VCD and then burn? So I would not need to use the USB streaming on the TRV14.



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Captured the footage on the C drive and burnt to VCD. Came out the same as before with certain scenes being messed up. I watched it on the PC while it captured the particular scene that always messes up and it did mess up on the PC. It is only the sound that goes with the picture fine. It can't be the tape as I checked the scene out on TV after the first time it had happened on the capture file.

One thing I did notice is tons of lines across the picture, seems I do need to check the deinterlace box in the options.

Going to try and capture it on the D drive which is pretty much free and is a physically different drive to C and E. Before the other files have been fragmented so I will see if I can capture it on the D drive without fragmented files to see if it makes a different. Maybe theres something on the tape the PC doesnt like and causes the these errors at certain scenes. As if it was something to do with fragmented files or other issues certainly the errors would be in different places each time, rather than the same scene over and over again, with the same sound errors on the same exact words.


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Originally posted by mossmanfly
One thing I did notice is tons of lines across the picture, seems I do need to check the deinterlace box in the options.

Was checked, so maybe unchecked will be the option to use.


The best idea for capture is to use a drive (not just a virtual drive) that has no programmes installed on it and is only used for capture/editied footage.
Also make sure you do not have a screen saver running and stop ALL background progs such as antivirus etc. To stop all background progs I use a prog called EndItAll - its a free download and works well. Do a Google search for it or PM me your e-mail addy and I'll forward it on to you.



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I dont use a virtual drive its a partioned drive from a 120Gb drive. The drive has downloads on it etc but has over 40Gb free at the moment. I dont have anti-virus running in the background or any screensavers. Have mIRC open most of the time, but I have had the errors even without it on.

To be honest I think there is some sort of high pitch sound or something it does not like as it appears while capturing as well, and is always at the same point. Its not like there is errors all the time as its just this one scene that has the sound errors. To me I dont think there is anything I can do as the other clips are ok.

If it was something like software or background programs then the errors would appear at random times and more often and not in the same bit, at the same time every single time.

I captured another tape and from what I have seen there are no errors at all. It was out in the snow(when it had stopped) so there wasnt really much talking as I didnt do my normal commentary track while walking around outside :D

Just doing some editing now with VideoStudio 7, using Cool 3D as well to do nice overlays.

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