Error Message on Magnavox H2160MW9A Recorder


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I just went through three blank DVDs that my recorder will not dub to. I am trying to dub from the HDD to the disks and keep getting the same error message, "Recording Error Can not record on this Disk E22".

I am using good DVDs I am sure, JVC Taiyo Yuden Silver Lacquer Printable 8X DVD+R Media 100 Pack in Cake Box. Two DVDs were from an old spindle yet untouched, and I opened a brand new package and have the same problem.

I think the issue is related to the recorder, not the disks. When I try to dub, the dubbing process begins and the fan motor gets really loud, much louder than I ever heard before and then the error message pops up.

Is there anything I can do to reset the recorder?

Also, I have had this recorder for years and on rare occasions a disk may not dub properly but never have I had three consecutive failures.

I also read through all the troubleshooting causes for this error message in the manual but none of it is helpful other than possible damage to my HDD.

Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks


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No wonder my user name was not working when I tried to log in. I mistakenly thought this is the site I used years ago and explains why I do not recognize any of the other member names on this forum. I appreciate your letting me know. Thanks


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Just a follow up and conclusion to this thread.

I had to pull the plug from this device from the outlet for over a half hour, reconnect it, and then I re-set the clock on manual (not sure if this mattered or not but it is often an issue) but pulling the plug to the power supply for over a half hour did the trick. The power cord had to be removed from the wall outlet for more than a few minutes to do the re-set.

I now realize this is a European based website, but if you are looking for a DVD recorder with a hard drive that is one of the most incredible units I ever purchased consider a Magnavox with a hard drive. The only issue you may find is with the plug compatibility/electrical compatibility in your region. Most of the issues we deal with are similar regardless of what region you come from.

My Magnavox Recorder with a Hard Drive has so much software in it that occasionally it has a burp.

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