Error Message during game play


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i keep getting an error message during gameplay saying that i need to clean the disk as it maybe scratched etc etc.

I know its not the disk as its brand new, it has happened on several new games such as Batman, Dirt 2 & The Beatles Rock Star.

however i can play on UFC which is an older game perfectly fine.

i hear this error message is quite a common problem, does anyone know how to sort it.


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Might be that your disc drive laser is on its way out.


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do i just need to buy a new drive then,

or will that not work??

its not quite as simple as unscrewing the old one and putting a new one in, to put in a new drive you would have to extract the firmware key from your old drive and put it into the new one. or remove the chipset form the old drive and put it in the new one


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One possible workaround might be to install you games to the HDD drive.


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Are you out of warranty then?

MS will still fix it...for a fee.

Or as i found out when i asked on the forum there will be local people in your area who should be able to fix it for you...also for a fee.


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On your XBOX dashboard (you will need the NXE installed to be able to use this feature) got to My XBOX and then press "Y" on the game logo. You can then select install to HDD which will typically use 6-8GB so if you only have a 20GB HDD you will only really be able to install 2 at a time.

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