ermmmm 5.1 on my xbox?


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sorry about this, but how do i get my xbox to output 5.1 to my amp? I have changed the internal setting to Dolby Surround but the amp only says Pro Logic. It is connected via the phono leads to the CD input :confused:


Need to use the optical out on the advanced scart lead .Why they didn't put one on the box itself I don't spose we will ever know (but probably to make more money I'd guess)


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You can get such things as optical switchers, which allows more than one optical connection into your amp, you merely have to "switch" to the input you wish at the time. You can get switchers which are remote controlled, or cheaper manual switches. Just check out google and search for optical switchers.

Hope this helps,




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Thanks Kevin.

I will be looking for a new amp in a few months time and i will bear in mind that it needs multiple optical connections. For the mean time Pro Logic will do for games i think.


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