Eric Clapton: The Lady in the Balcony - Lockdown Sessions (2021) 4K UHD


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Release date: 12/11/2021


Eric Clapton returns with a remarkable new release, “The Lady In The Balcony: Lockdown Sessions” on November 12. Available via Mercury Studios on multiple formats, the 17 songs find EC and longtime bandmates Nathan East (Bass and Vocals), Steve Gadd (Drums) and Chris Stainton (Keyboards) performing acoustic renditions of Clapton standards and an assortment of other numbers encompassing blues, country and rarified originals.

Overseen by Eric's legendary longtime Grammy-winning producer Russ Titelman (James Taylor, George Harrison, Brian Wilson, Randy Newman, Rickie Lee Jones) and recorded live at Cowdray House in West Sussex, England, the performance finds Clapton and company revisiting such timeless classics as “After Midnight,” “Layla,” “Bell Bottom Blues,” “Tears in Heaven,” “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out” and “Key to the Highway.” In addition to revisiting some of Eric’s best-loved selections from his own extensive repertoire, Clapton and crew also offer their own versions of songs that had a profound effect on his career and those of his contemporaries including the Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac tracks “Black Magic Woman” and “Man of the World.”

The project was initiated as the result of the forced cancellation of Eric’s concerts scheduled for May 2021 at the Royal Albert Hall due to the continued disruption caused by the pandemic. Looking for a viable alternative and hoping to keep his options open, he reconvened with his band to the English countryside and staged a concert in the presence of only the participants themselves while letting the cameras roll. (Eric’s wife, Melia, the sole outside observer inspired the Sessions title.) The mostly acoustic set was envisioned to be like an "Eric Clapton Unplugged II," but not quite, as three songs are played with electric guitars. The result became far more than simply a sequence of greatest hits. Rather, it’s one of the most intimate and authentic performances of his entire career, an offering flush with real insight into the make-up of his indelible catalogue.
The Lady In The Balcony Track Listing:
01. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
02. Golden Ring
03. Black Magic Woman
04. Man of the World
05. Kerry
06. After Midnight
07. Bell Bottom Blues
08. Key to the Highway
09. River of Tears
10. Rock Me Baby
11. Believe in Life
12. Going Down Slow
13. Layla
14. Tears in Heaven
15. Long Distance Call
16. Bad Boy
17. Got My Mojo Working
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A year ago I might have bought this, but not now.

His outspoken anti-vax, anti-mask, anti-lockdown stances and songs are now costing people their lives.
This is great news for the format there's so much great stuff mising even from Blu-ray this is good for fans.

As for his comments -and Van Morrison's- I was very very disappointed they should keep their ignorance to themselves it's all a bit upsetting just like the comments a few years back from the super gub tax exiles Morrissey and John Cleese.

I could say something along the lines of maybe Clapton could concentrate his energies on window safety (horrible case just 2 weeks ago at an airport in England of a child of fleeing Afghans) but I won't.

When you have millions in the bank your mouth knows no bounds.

All the poverty around the country and people struggling to pay bills it's not like there's no worthy subjects for people to get behind and make an actual difference like the footballer Rashford has done.

Anyway, I'll not be buying it because Clapton is a knob long before his comments and his best years are long gone. I've watched the Cream reunion on Blu-ray probably 50 times there's enought greatness there from Jack (a man who thought before opening his cake hole), Ginger & Eric to last me a lifetime.

Don't get me started on Greta Thunberg.

Something I am looking forward to next month:


his unplugged album is fantastic he did in the early nineties for MTV...unfortunately Eric and his comments haven't served him well. his onstage racist rant and support for Enoch Powell after making a fortune from black musician's music (as well as having lots of black friends/idols), anti vax ideas more recently after getting the vax himself. he is a walking contradiction
Just watched the Eric Clapton 4k, very good. Reminds me of the Sting Live recording of Ten Summoners Tales from the early 90's. Shame its never been released on DVD let alone BluRay or 4K, i would buy it like a shot!

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