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Anyone know if they have used an anamorphic transfer for this boxset? On the retailers webpages it just says "16:9". My instinct tells me probably not.


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Phil Hinton

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We have the review discs available, they are with Mark, I'll ask him what ratio they are.


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As far as I know, the show was never filmed in Widescreen (of any kind) until about two or three years ago. However, if it was, then the show would probably be in 1.77:1 (which is what most US widescreen HD-TV shows are filmed in).

Having said that, Warner's aren't exactly that good with widescreen TV shows. Remember the balls-up they made with "Babylon 5"?! And why do they still insist on using double-sided discs, rather than single-sided ones? The cheapskates! :mad: :mad:

I do have one query though: what about other Regions, e.g. R4 Australia, R2 Japan, or R1 USA/Canada? Are they also on double-sided discs? I'd much rather get single-sided versions, not double-sided ones, because there's less chance of scratched discs.

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R1 of S1 comes on 4 double sided discs. (Actually only three are proper DVD-18 as the fourth is mainly bonus features if i recall correctly).

The R1 set is also anamorphic W/S. It was shot open matte i believe so they could broadcast in full frame but have a W/S original.

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