ER bargain at WHSmiths


F G Evans

I dont know whether it was a one off but my store in Pontypridd is selling ER season 1 for £17.99 whilst across the road at Wollies it is £40

I picked one up dinner time. It scans through at £34.99 but they have to honour the price on the cover.

Maybe worth checking stores elsewhere.

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
Sounds like a great bargain.

But they do not have to honour the price on the item, you must have got lucky.

They can refuse to sell you the item at the price on the cover and are under no obligation to sell it to you at this incorrect price.



Standard Member
Your right they do not have to honour the price but I think the law states they would have to remove the old price straight away and put the new one up there and then or they would have to clear the shelves of their stock.

F G Evans

That was what they did when i was there - they asked me where the DVD were and as i was leaving the stote they started removing the DVDs


Prominent Member
Legally, any goods displayed in a shop (priced or not) are there as an 'offer to purchase' which basically means they are asking you to make an offer to buy that item. They are well within the law if they refuse to sell it to you, even if it is priced correctly.

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