'Equipment friendly' Component cable?


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I have one of Mark Grant's rca-rca component cables directly linking my DVD to TV.

The signal quality is excellent.

I'm pondering over an XBox 360 so will possibly use my 3805 to handle the component switching.


This cable is a real monster to wrestle into position without imposing too much terminal strain on equipment. It took a lot of time and effort to 'strap up' the cable in it's current configuration (and it's still not ideal).

I can see the amp terminations move when I've tried it; it also flexes the TV's 'input' board. This is due not only to the cable's weight, but the shortness of the individual leads beyond the outer sheath, especially when they have to turn 90 degrees to mate up with equipment (if you see what I mean).

Can anyone recommend a comparable quality alternative (not crazily-priced esoteric stuff) that is more equipment friendly?

Thanks in advance.


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Try the QED P-CV1, it's very flexible and not much bigger than their interconnect cables and it also gives good results.

Joe Fernand

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Hello emm

As you say some of the 'hose pipe' cables can be a bit of a strain on some kit.

I'm sure though Mark would make some up with longer 'tails' - we often have to spec our BetterCables Silver Reference cables with longer tails for customers so they can 'make' a tight radius.

See http://www.bettercables.com/componentvideo.html

The VanDamme Mini Red Series are a good alternative - much thinner and more flexible than any of the very heavy cables that often get top billing.

Best regards


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