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Hi all,
I'm looking for advice in what equipment to use for mobile live streaming.

Some background.
Since about 6 month ago, I've been doing about 40 live streams of my kids soccer games. I started off using an iPhone which produces a fairly good picture quality as long as you don't zoom in which is required or the players looks like ants running around.
I started to look around and found and bought a DJI Osmo+ which has a built in gimbal, optical zoom, 4K local recording and 720p live streaming using the phone which sounds great but for each day that goes by, I find new issues and/or challenges with the Osmo+ which has lead me to start looking for an alternative och hopefully a way to improve my live streams.

So, what's my requirements?
- Completely mobile. (Mobile internet, battery/power bank powered).
- Record and stream > 2 * 50 minutes
- >= 720p 25fps live stream.
- Stream to a custom/private RTMP or SRT server.
- Customisable quality / bitrate. (I have an unlimited data plan and usually good coverage).
- Stabilised
- Optical zoom
- External microphone connectors

Good to have would be the possibility to mount the camera on a high stand to get a better view and manual focus.

What about the Osmo+?
- Battery powered. (Each battery lasts about 50-60 minutes).
- Optical zoom
- Built in gimbal
- 4k recording
- Uses mobile for internet and as a monitor
- Can be mounted on an tripod extension rod
- External microphone connector
- Solid operation. Haven't failed a recording/stream yet due to camera issues.

- No easy way to attach external power. Uses a special battery adapter and DJI drone batteries.
- 50-60 minutes battery life. I have to switch battery mid game.
- 30 minutes recording limit. I have to find a game break where I stop and restart recording.
- Fixed bitrate which produces (for me) to low picture quality.
- Skips about 0.5 - 1 sec. when recorded files reaches 4GB and creates a new one.
- Only uses the external microphone for local recording. The phone microphone is used for live streaming.
- No manual focus
- Uses wifi to connect to the phone. Cannot use a mobile hotspot for streaming.
- Skips frames from time to time when live streaming. (I see the skips on the phone/monitor as well so it's not the uplink).
- Cannot go silent. The app makes annoying beeps when controlling the camera which can only be silenced by bring the phone audio level down to 0.

I would prefer to use mobile equipment only but if necessary, a computer with a HDMI capture card could be considered.
I have spent a fair amount of time looking for an alternative googling and watching YouTube reviews but I thought I put the question out here.
Any suggestions is more than welcome.

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