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I'm going on holiday next month and I'm looking to buy a backpack for my equipment, so I'm wondering if anyone owns one or could recommend what to get.

At the moment I have a Nikon D80 with 3 lenses and quite a few accessories and tools. I also have a 13.3" MacBook which I'd like to take too so it'd be best if I could get something that will accommodate all of that, with some extra room for expansion, too.

Ideas welcome! Thanks


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How about a Delsey Pro Digital backpack:

I've got the (massive) Pro Bag 1 of theirs, and am very impressed. Build quality is second-to-none and it's very well designed. I'm strongly considering one of the backpacks to use when out & about with more kit than is comfortable for my Slingshot.

The downsides with the Delsey range are that they are not widely available, and they're not cheap (unless as I did you get a "new old stock" bargain on eBay!). Although this means that you may struggle to see one in the flesh, if you order online and aren't happy you'll be able to return it under distance selling rules.

The big positive to me (as well as the quality-Delsey are one of the top luggage manufacturers, so they know how to put a bag together) is that they are plain black, and don't shout "camera" like so many others (unless you have a tripod fixed to the side :rotfl:).

BTW I don't have any connection to Delsey, just a happy customer.


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Thanks for all the replies. It seems like there are even more of these backpacks on the market than I previously thought!

I own a small Lowe Pro bag at the moment which I've found to be pretty good so I'd have no problem with buying from them again. Having said that I think overall I most like the look of Tamrac's offerings.

Does anyone know of any shops that stock a range of backpacks? I'd like to have a good look at some before buying but shops like Jessops don't seem to stock many backpacks in-store.


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