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Epson XP312 cannot connect WiFi from Win7 Epson Scan feature.


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My Epson XP 312 All-in-One printer/scanner will operate as a printer, and as a scanner from the Epson Scan feature from my Windows 7 laptop by USB cable.

Also, now that I have set it up (via PC “Devices & Printers” and “Add new [wireless] Printer”) for Wi-Fi infrastructure mode, it will print wirelessly, through my network router as access point.

It will scan wirelessly from the scan controls the Epson control panel, but when I ask it to scan wirelessly from my laptop Epson Scan feature I only get a “Cannot Connect” error message.

The network trouble shooters that I have tried give the all clear, and I get a successful “network connection check” printout, giving the correct router SSID etc.

Can anyone help?


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Solved problem.

After extensive info “mining” found out that, at least with this All-In-One, the scanner has a different IP address than the printer, but the normal setup procedures only deal with the printer IP.

I tracked down an obscure Epson support article (search the web for “Epson Article ID:3848”). This revealed to me that the scanner was defaulted to Local and allowed me to change it to Network. It then allowed me to search for the scanner IP address and to implement it. Eureka!

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