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I have just bought an Epson TW7400 projector along with a high quality HDMI cable.
I've also got a Humax box, HB-1100S linked to the projector.

I have found though when all running to a electric 100" white screen the quality is not what I expected, as in poor.

Will I only get 4k enhanced quality when I stream something for example from Netflix or Amazon prime in 4K? and going through the Humax is only going to be HD on a bigger screen.

Does anyone know of the best settings for optimal picture quality too please?

Thanks for any help or advice

Joe Fernand

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Projector - purchased New?

Projector - Is capable of very decent quality images.

Room - controlled lighting?

Resolution - everything is displayed at the same resolution, the lower the resolution the source signal the more pixels the projector video processing has to make up so you will see a difference between an SD, HD and a 4K source signal.

Source content - is also very variable.

Setup - how ideal is the projector and screen placement?



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Hi Joe,

Thanks for your email, much appreciated.

Projector purchased new from projector center
Yes, I've seen great reviews of this so was hoping for good things.

It's just in a lounge, no special lighting, just lamp stands in the corner of the room. Projector for testing was on a table with HDMI cable to projector from the Humax box.
This is the HDMI cable I've bought:-
Amazon product
I put on the snooker yesterday on BBC2 HD, just for consistency of picture to play with settings etc, but the quality of image I felt was poor, I expected so much better.
Should the projector upscale?, in other words if I run a HD channel (as I was doing) should the projector upscale it to 4K when watching it, or do I need a 4K programme/film etc to get the projector to display 4K?

Thanks very much

Joe Fernand

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Should the projector upscale?’ - you have to understand what that means!

When you have a non-4K source signal the Projector has to make up the missing pixels - which is not the same as sending a native 4K signal to the projector.

Upscaled HD can look great or it can look soft - differences in the quality of the HD signal will be very obvious.



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Hi Joe,

So where do you suggest I go from here to get a better picture quality?

How would you rate the HDMI cable quality that I've bought?

This is my first time buying a projector and setting one up so not that technical in 'tech language' just that when I've got the image I have I'm disappointed, and given the reviews I've read feel there's something wrong somewhere.



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Your projector isnt a bad one, it sounds like the room and settings is the issue. Normally the room would be dark and the contrast will be affected by reflections off the room. You wont get as good a picture in a light bright media room with white gloss furniture. Hence why dedicated rooms are all pitch black.

Maybe you can borrow a friends UHD player to check what you might be able to achieve picture wise.

You havent mentioned a screen. Maybe a pic of the room might help people offer further advice


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Hi Gerry,

Thanks for your message.

The element I find hard is that, as this is my first ever projector, I'm a bit confused with what settings (4k enhancement, iris, super res, detail enhancement etc) to use to get the best picture and there doesn't seem any guides on the net showing this.
I do understand that this all depends on light, the room, and other likely elements, but it would be useful to find something to give some guide.

Picture of room attached. I am using a 100" diagonal electric screen with the projector.


  • screen in lounge - Copy.JPG
    screen in lounge - Copy.JPG
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Just wondering if anyone else out there has this projector (TW7400) and can shed light on what the best settings they have found for best quality image (I know this is dependant on lots of elements), and how one sets up HDR for the best quality image.

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