Question Epson TW7200 vertical green lines fault


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Hi guys, asking for a friend who has a fault with his Epson TW7200 projector. As you can from the screengrab he was presented with half of the screen containing what appears to be vertical green lines. Zooming in on the image it’s as if the RGB pixel alignment has lost its way?! Strange that’s only on one side of the screen.

Has anybody seen this or any ideas what could be the problem? Have done the usual checks, powered everything off, unplugged everything and the green lines remain on the setup
Menu, so it’s not source related as such.

He has spoken with Epson who say it may be a service item and they will check it out for a payment.


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No ideas anybody? Bizarrely the projector is back working correctly this morning, no green lines, so I wonder if it simply overheated, or the heat caused problems for it? All very strange.
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