Epson tw7100 or tw7400 help needed, contrast and black levels concerns


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I need help buying new projector. My old Benq w2000 died, and im in search of new projector. I would love to buy Epson tw9400, but it is too expensive for me, so im considering Tw7100 or tw7400, 1400 euro and 1700 euro respectively. I provide my current room in picture, i will change old 106" inch screen for new 125" 2.35:1 (already on its way). Closet will be moved to other wall.

Will i benefit from better contrast from tw7400? Changing aspect ratio on motorized lens is nice, but i can do it manually cause 90% of movies im watching are cinemascope ratio. Im 100% only watching movies, no gaming, streaming etc. Ceiling probably will be painted darker, but not too dark cause its my main room i live in.

Will 7100 be too bright, cause i turn off light always when watching movies, no daylight watching and have curtains on windows, so it is always "dark" when turn off lights? I need advice, cause where i live there is no return when purcahse and also no showroom to see in person so i must buy purely on reviews and others experiences.

Sorry on my bad English, not my native spoken language.


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