epson tw680 vs tw700


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I'm, thinking of getting a 720p projector for casual viewing of DVD's, V+ and in a few months HDDVD/BR. It will be in a non light controlled living room, projecting onto a white wall. Never had a projector before so don't want to spend a fortune as I don't know how much we will use it and if we do, may upgrade to 1080p in a year or so when prices drop.
I had settled on the Pana 100AX due to its brightness and also 24p support (I'm much more fussy about movement\judder than overall picture qulaity) However i had also been thinking about the Epson TW700, particularly for its better lens shift. but the price difference didn't seem worth it.
However the new TW680 seems to be priced very similar to the ax100, but i can't work out other than price if there are any differences to the TW700. My main concerns are whether it will support any multiple of 24p for output when i go HD. also got to consider the AX200 now as well! or get a better deal on an ax100.



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