Epson TW3200 vs. TW6000 (better 2D picture?)


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I know you guys have separate owner threads for both of these models, so I hope it isn't frowned upon to create new threads like this.

I've been looking for a new (1080p) projector to replace my Sanyo PLV-Z4 and it seems like one of the Epson models will be my best bet (trying to stay under $2000). I can get the 3200 for ~$1000 here (Switzerland) and again, while I'm willing to spend a bit more, I haven't found a model that is worth the higher price tag, unless I go up into the $2500+ range.

Anyway, for about $400 more I could get the TW6000. But I'm not really interested in 3D at all. So is there anything tangibly/technologically better/improved about the TW6000 that would put its 2D performance ahead of the TW3200? Looking at the raw specs, it would seem like there's only minor improvements (slightly brighter, somewhat improved contrast). On the other hand, the TW6000 apparently lacks any kind of Lens Shift - almost a deal breaker right there. And it's reportedly somewhat noisier as well.

Then we're already looking at the TW9000, which is around ~$2500 here. And honestly, I'm not sure it makes much sense to spend 2.5 times the amount of what I'd be paying for the 3200, considering I'm only interested in 2D content... Right? So it's between the 3200 and the 6000, really.

What do you guys think?

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