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Question Epson TW3200 fan & lamp

Imitation parts?

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Hi all,

I have an Epson TW3200 with a rattling fan.
When the beamer heats up the noise becomes less (not annoying anymore), but this week also my lamp died.
A little poof -> no more image -> fan went to max/high speed (too late?) -> red lamp light blinking.

Now I need a new lamp, but i'm scared there is something wrong with the cooling and it will cause the new lamp to die soon too (the original lamp was less then 2000 hours old).
Eventhough it never gave a temperature warning, maybe the temp sensor is also broken?

The manual says completely nothing about the fan, so the question is if they can be bought and replaced?
I do see some fans on ebay, but they seem to look different then the original one (from what I can see, it is unclear how to take it out)
e.g. Epson Projector Intake Fan- EH-TW2900, EH-TW3200, EH-TW3500, EH-TW3600

On top I need a new lamp.
Now the original one is really expensive and I hear EVERYWHERE that you really should buy the original, but that seems to me as just a lot of marketing and people talking after eachother...
Apparently original lamps also die without notification on the screen, so what would be the risk in buying a cheap one?
I also see original lamps with an imitation housing, would that be a good option?

Original lamp + housing: 300 euro
Original lamp + imitation housing: 200 euro
Imitation lamp + imitation housing: 25-150 euro

If the imitation lamps only have lower lifetime but no other risks I could take the gamble for only 10-50% of the price (they usually still come with warranty).
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