Epson TW10H - Good choice?


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Oct 2, 2005
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Been reading reviews on this PJ and was wondering if it's still as good to this day??

Looking at replacing a very nice Toshiba 32" as I could do with the room and a PJ onto a white wall 3m away seem a viable option.

Would be used mainly with a HPTC that I watch my divx etc on, currenlty using it via a S-Video to the Toshiba.
Excellent PJ, although i'm not sure i'd be using one as a replacement for a normal TV. Lamp life might be an issue, especially if you want to use it day to day and in daylight conditions.
To be honest I dont watch TV as in BBC and Sky, all football is watched on downstairs 42" plasma, it's only couple of hours every night of compressed tv or a movie via the HTPC.

So around 10hr a week of after 10pm use.
Ordered one earlier today, arriving weds (JUST missed the deadline for next day) and it sounds like we're both in the same kind of situation, although I'm also getting a 17inch LCD for the wife's daytime viewing.
I'm a total beginner here too, so I can only go on what I've read in the last 4 days or so, but I may aswell get my feet wet :)

I spent a few days reading the forum & various sites, and came to the conclusion that it was the best suited to me in the price range, and the lamps are a lot cheaper than the other units I looked into.

What's your average daily useage for the TV ? 1 lamp per year is going to give up to 8 hours a day average, assuming it lasts the full lifetime (from what I read, most get close).

I'm expecting to average out at about 5 hours a day, which should give a decent lifespan of the lamp.

*edit* heh you posted the answers as I was writing this :p
The manual quotes lamp life in Theatre Black mode as 2900 hours, and 1900 in other modes so i'd reckon you'll be looking to get a more up to date PJ before replacing the lamp.
It's also reduced in price by about £100.00 since i got mine in April/May this year, so it's a bargain.
Got an XBox and DVD player connected through a second hand AV receiver (bought on these forums) with component/ optical cables.
I've used an IKEA blackout blind to project onto, which gives an excellent picture for the cost.
I'd definitely recommend it . :smashin:
P.S.If you're connecting to it with an HTPC it has a VGA connector.Powerstrip settings here
Got one 3 weeks ago and running it only from my HCPC using the 856x480 resolution as above.

For the money the whole experience is excellent.

I run it in two modes/settings.

Totally dark room at night:
In Theater Black mode I calibrated the epson display properties contrast and brightness to what I like.
In the PC, I left the settings at default.

Ambient light: Daytime with some light coming through the windows or nighttime with diffuse room lighting not shining directly on the screen.

Living Room mode, again calibrating brightness and contrast.
In the PC, I reduced colour saturation from 100 down to 75.

I attached the settings above to both Memory 1 and 2 respectively.

On the PC I created two profiles on for each of the above which I can enable from the windows desktop or by Remote control.

Overall, the best mode for DVDs and other Sky movies/one shows at night is Theater Black with all lights turned off.

With ambient light, the Living Room mode with the adjusted saturation through the PC gives an equally balanced and bright picture especially for sports/news etc.

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