Epson TW100 or Sony VPL-VW12HT?


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Jul 1, 2002
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I'm buying a new projector (upgrading from the AE100). Which of the above 2 projectors would you recommend (the VW12HT will cost me about 10% more than the TW100)?

I'd steer well clear of nomatica - they seem to have the best prices for most video equipment, so its tempting to use them.
I've used them once, and ended up cancelling my order, which is extremely difficult to do - I ended up having to send an extremely stern fax directly to France, following a telephone call to some extremely rude French customer service reps.

They debit your card as soon as you order, and good luck trying to get your cancellation and refund sorted!!

go to and do a search on nomatica - use at your peril!
Cheers for that. Fate worse then death then?

So where else could one go for a good price?

How about £3180 from (Even cheaper)
I'm based down in New Zealand and prices are quite different here (more expensive relative to salary than in the US for example)... :(
I've just been to a demo at Sony of the 12HT. Like all demos, the thing is never set up properly, the cables are bad and the DVD player isn't that good either (this all according to the Sony rep . Watched some of Shrek, Moulin Rouge and 5th Element. The picture had a lot of shadowing (ghosting) outlines around objects and there was a lot of noise (or snow-like) in the backgrounds. I can honestly say that the only thing that was better than my previous AE100 was that it had less screendoor (in fact probably non-existing screendoor). Apart from the screendoor my AE100 looked much better (even using component input). The unit is also physically very large and reminds me of an old betamax popup video player (remember their huge size). The Sony rep also told me that the built-in 12HT scaler is not as good as a Faroudja scaler (which of course the TW100 has).

I have also seen the TW100 and at this point it looked better to me, even if it wasn't set up correctly either (same story as above). I did not detect any difference in image brightness betw the two either.

The 12HT lamp is rated at 2000 hrs with cinema black mode and 2500 hrs without. Compared to the 3000 hrs on the TW100.

The lack of VGA or DV input on the 12HT is also of some concern to me (I hope this is justified) compared once again to what the TW100 has to offer.

At this point I'm really leaning towards the TW100..... anybody else seen both in action with comments?

ps. the PLV-70 is not an option to me due to the 3 feet rear clearance requirement.


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