Epson TW 4400 vs. TW6000

Which is the better projector out of the two, apart from the 3d what does the 6000 offer the 4400 does not have, also is the blacks on the 4400 alot deeper than the 6000?

Been Looking ideally at a TW-5500, but its over a year old and around £2500 you can get the PTAE5000 for slighlty more, or even the TW-9000 for £2000 more...

Looking to spend around £1500, trying to find a PTAE4000 for that much but no luck... not sure why I can't fine any Sanyo Z4000's maybe their discontinued.. and Optoma have very bad customer service so staying clear of HD82...

Any help would be appreciated ideally want a projector with deep blacks, and lens shift as the projector will sit 2M above the floor which is where the top of the screen is!


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I don't know the answer :), although I would be interested myself.

Thought that you would like to know that you can get the TW4400 for £1439.96 from superfi with the checkout code EMAIL10

Still trying to resist as an upgrade from my TW3000
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Tw6000 is an excellent pj and I would recommend to anyone

However, it does not have lens shift

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