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Apr 21, 2001
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I use to have a Microtec scanner that had software that once an object the piture could be auto straightened the picture and cropped. As prices have come down I was surprised that when I purchased an Epson Perfection 1650 to find the it did not have this function. Am I missing these function some where.
OK can I use my old Microtek software with the Epson?
Is this software for editing the image once scanned, or the scanning interface? If the former, then it should be no problem to use the software, I would have thought....
The interface.
On the old software you can stipulate what resolution unit by unit e.g. 200,201,202 but the Epson will be something like 200,250,300,400. with the Microtek once you had scanned you could do allsorts to the image before saving but the Epson is very limited, not unless I’m missing something
'Fraid I don't have an Epson scanner, so can't offer any help on the interface, but my Canon scanner interface has two modes - simple and advanced - the latter having more controls.

I'm 99.9% sure you won't be able to use the Microtek interface on the Epson scanner.

Hi Richard

I got the thing working better now, I had Adobe Photoshop Elements bundled with the scanner, so I loaded it up and run the scanner from there and it gives me the facilities I want.

Anyway thanks for the replies.

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