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    Hello everybody!

    I´m not from an english speaking country so try to mind the poor spelling and all that, I hope I can make myself understood.

    I´m looking for a used projector and right now I´ve got to interresting offers.

    One is a almost new Epson EMP-50, a demo ex with only 20 hours run and 1 year warranty. At it´goes by Epson Power Lite 50c. Anyone seen it in action?
    The other one is a older InFocus LitePro 720. The specs looks good with 300:1 contrast and 450 Ansilumen and 800*600 resolution. And don´t know yet exactly how many hours that are on the lamp but I will get it very cheap, under half the price I will get the Epson for. Anyone seen it in action?
    The big problem is that I live a long way fro where theese p´rojecotr are so I have big problems with checking them out myself so I would be very very glad for some help. :)


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