Epson home vs business: EH-TW7000 vs EB-FH52


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Hi all. I recently got my first projector for home cinema use: a second-hand EH-TW5910 from CEX. I was initially very happy with it, but now after a couple of weeks it's developed a pink tinge along the bottom edge of the image.

Judging by other threads on here, this seems unlikely to be fixable? So I'm weighing my options for new Epsons with similar throw ratios. The EH-TW7000 (£1000 at Richer Sounds) looks like a good step up.

But I also wondered how I might get on with a cheaper business model — namely, the EB-FH52, which can be had for under £700. This is also 1080p, with similar throw ratio and higher lumens. It would be projecting onto a 72" screen in my living room, which is rarely completely dark. I already use an HDMI splitter for audio, and am not keen on frame interpolation.

Does anyone have experience of this model, or of the difference between Epson's home and business models generally?

Many thanks for any help.
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For your size screen the FH52 will be too bright in a living room unless used during the day with some ambient light making it's way into the room.

This projector is more at home in a business environment for visual displays in meetings etc hence the higher lumens which are not needed in a home cinema situation.

The blacks will be more grey than the 7000 although those will be a darker shade of grey but still not black. Total light control and better projectors from JVC are needed to achieve the best blacks.


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No. And gutted to have missed out on the TW7000 on sale at Curry's for £809 earlier in the week. Shouldn't have hesitated!

Sticking with my slightly defective TW5910 for now, but if you come to a conclusion about the FH52 would be great to hear about it.


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When I was finally ready to purchase the Epson EB-FH52, the price jumped noticeably up and as an alternative, considering room size, projection ratio and budget and I went for an Optoma HD28e. Very happy with the choice, able to use it indoor full day light, super sharp and very satisfying colours. Initially worried about rainbow effect, but luckily nobody in the family is affected. No wireless option but absolutely perfect to use with a firestick or similar and has audio output, which Epson didn't have.


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I went for the TW7000 in the end (Curry's had it down to £799, and Richer Sounds were willing to beat that on an open-box return they had in).

It's great, except for slightly disappointing blacks, which seem possibly worse than my old TW5910. I can make shadow puppets in the supposedly black areas — but I guess it may just be similar contrast plus a brighter bulb.


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Same question from me, only my screen is 120inch and I doubt between EB-F52 and EH-TW5820. Distance from beamer to screen is almost 6 meters. Main use is home cinema.

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