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    Wireless HD transmission and deeper blacks

    Following hot on the heels of their budget projector announcements, Epson has sent word of its higher end offerings, the EH-TW9100W, EH-TW9100 and EH-TW8100.

    Like the lesser priced models, the EH-TW9100W projects Full HD content wirelessly, even from non-wireless devices, which can be connected using the included wireless HD transmitter.


    There's also the same 2D to 3D conversion and colour optimisation but thees top range products feature frame interpolation technology. The biggest difference between the ranges, however, will be the deeper blacks and greater contrast performance thanks to Epson’s 3LCD technology. The manufacturers claim a contrast ratio of 320,000:1, although clearly that's unrealistic in the real world.

    Kally Kanda, product manager, Epson UK, says: “This is Epson’s high-end range of home cinema projectors, perfect for anyone with a dedicated movie room. Not only do they deliver high-quality cinematic images, they’re also really easy to install because of their wide lens shift, and centred lens with a powerful zoom. This gives users the flexibility to set the projector up wherever they want, without worrying about blurring or distortion.”

    The EH-TW9100W and EH-TW9100 both come with two pairs of USB-rechargeable, Radio Frequency, lightweight, active shutter 3D glasses which can be used up to 10 metres from the projector.

    The EH-TW9100W, EH-TW9100 and EH-TW8100 are available from November 2012 and are priced £2,899, £2,599 and £2,249.

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