Epson EMP-TW10H




Going to be buying one of these to replace an anging Sanyo model with far lower specs.

Can anyone tell me if there is any reason I should buy this projector?

I'll be using it at home in 16:9 mode for playing xbox (inc xbox 360 when it comes out), wathcing DVD's, and sometimes linking to a PC.
For the money it seems the best one on the market given it does 16:9 and has good range of connections.

I thought I'd ask the experts (you guys) first though. :)

it should be way better than my 500 ANSI Sanyo, which I still find perfectly ok in the dark but its just too large.

Tyler Durden

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Be aware that the TW20H is very out soon, if it isn't already out.


great, only found 1 site and said it had 1000:1 contrast ration, so thats better than the 800:1 of the 10H. Any ideas on ETA, or where I can find out, nothing on the Epson website.
Wonder if I can pre order one?


Also I presume it will be ok to run HD via the xbox on component? I.e 1080i, or is it 1080p, I get confused.


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I just got the TW10H at a good discount (600euro or 410pound) even after finding out about the TW20. The TW20 will probably start selling for around 550 to 600 pounds.

I didnt think that the on paper contrast ratio increase would make much difference overall since the 10H is already a competent entry level projector.

Apart from the better contrast ration, there some more color modes and vertical and horizontal lens shift.

The price difference will be significant initially.
It seems epson is really shifting the 10H with large discounts ahead of Tw20 release.


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The main reason not to buy this is its low res of 858*480. So not a true hi def (720p) image. Having said that, I was fairly happy with my TW10H when I had it, but the jump to my Z3 was very welcome especially for those widescreen PC gaming moments... :thumbsup: maybe save up a little more and see what turns up in the classifieds when the new crop of LCD PJ's force thousands of the forumites to upgrade...which should be any day now... :)


So maybe I'd be better off getting a Z3 for £870 ish?
Or is there something in between that offers HD compatility?

THanks for the replies guys, I do appreciate your advice.

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