Epson EH-TW7100 unable to focus, alignment tips?


Hi there!

I bought my Epson eh-tw7100 on 2-8-2021, and I still haven't used it with pleasure. This is because there were immediately several problems: A flickering bulb in eco mode, blue spots on the image and at last an image that is impossible to get sharp. I couldn't return the projector for the full price because of the rules of the dealer.

My setup:
I have my projector (Epson EH-TW7100) ceiling mounted and I'm projecting on my screen which is hanging about 4 meters away perpendicular with my projector. My projector is at the top of the projected image and is, as far as I know, align perfectly (see pictures).


Things I've already done:
  • I've sent (after a long time of discussing with my dealer) my beamer for repair.
  • After if got it back the bulb flicker was fixed. But I saw that the other two problems were still occurring. So I tried to place the projector in different locations. I also tested if the problem would differ when standing on the feet (instead of ceiling mounted/upside down). This all didn't make any difference and I sent it in for another repair.
  • After if got it back again I tested it the same way as before and the blue spots that were appearing before were gone.
Things that got fixed by the repair service (according to the receipt):
  • Bulb replacement (first send for repair)
  • Optical Engine replacement: "OPT ENGINE ASSY 2;H959;PH[1807826]" (second send for repair)
The only problem that still exists and bothers me is the blur (see pictures 4, 5 & 6). Mostly because if I focus it so you don't see the blur the quality decreases exponentially. It's like I bought a 4k projector but using it as 1080p. This hurts me because I'm 18 years old and don't have great amounts of money and I would like to get what I paid for.
How I think it should focus:

So my questions are:
  • Is this a problem with the pixel shifting?
  • Is this how it's supposed to look?
  • Should I focus the projector so the blur is slightly visible, and just live with it? :(
  • Is this still a problem with the alignment, if so how can I fix it (tips)?
I hope I added the needed information,
Best regards,

Pic 1, 2 & 3: Pictures of ceiling-mounted projector
Pic 4, 5 & 6: Pictures of the current projection.
Pic 7: Sample picture of how I think the projection is supposed to look.


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I’ll test mine tomorrow and let you know what my test pattern looks like. Yours looks like you’ve got too much horizontal shift, ie your lense isn’t central too your screen and you’re using the mechanical shift too compensate. That being the case it maybe causing a bit of stretch which equates too blurring.

Measure your room and then from one side to the middle of the lense and see if you’re half way, also do the same with your screen. If you aren’t it maybe a case of just adjusting your install a little bit to get you sorted.
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Had a check of my test pattern just to double check the look of it and on the curves it is not smooth and I don’t believe it’s supposed to be as it’s only to help set your projector too screen.

I think your problems ‘Sharpness’ are down to positioning, you just need too spend a little bit of time getting the unit in the best position you can before doing the actual set up. Ideally centrally locating the lense and making sure it’s able to throw its beam straight to the screen.

Once you’re happy with positioning, gradually open the zoom ring to get your desired size, followed by the focus ring to get the desired result.

At this point you should be getting the desired results you’re looking for and will be able to move onto a good Apple TV/Sky TV or App menu to making additional focus adjustments if need be.

From that point on make small adjustments using the set up menu to get your desired results.
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