Epson EF-12 and Sonos Beam Gen 2


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I just bought my first projecter for home cinema use. It needed to be flexible so I decided to go with the Epson EF-12. So far I'm very happy. I love the picture. I'm sure there's room for improvement, but at the moment it's fine. However, I wasn't too happy with the sound quality. The internal Yamaha speakers are fine, but they don't offer a cinematic experience. I decided to go with a Sonos Beam. Gen 2. Not necessarily for the Atmos, but just a general nice soundbar. So, here comes my questions:

  1. When I hook up my Beam directly to the EF-12 and play movies on Disney+, they only play in stereo. Why is that? I have fast internet connection and output is set to "auto".
  2. When I hook my Xbox One to my EF-12 and play movies on Disney+, it works with DTS and DD5.1 via the Arc connection. Sounds pretty good. But why doesn't Atmos work? The Xbox One should be able to output Atmos and there is an eArc hdmi port on the EF-12. I also installed the Atmos app, but it doesn't work. Could it be the cable? It is a hdmi 2.0 cable betwenn the xbox and the EF-12. Would it work with a hdmi 2.1 cable? Is the cable really that important? In my understanding the device (EF-12) itself doesn't need to support Atmos, it's just passthrough.
If someone could enlighten me, that would be awesome.

Thank you very much.

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