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EPSON EB826W not working with AVG A/V Network software v8.5


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I have just bought an Epson EB826W Projector. This connects via the LAN, via a LAN cat-5 cable, and includes software for me to run on my PC/laptop to enable my PC screen to be directed to the projector via the LAN.

The program I run to enable the PC screen to be directed to the projector via the LAN is:-
C:\Program Files\EPSON Projector\EMP NS Connection V2\EMP_NSC.exe

At my office in England, everything works fine. The projector has a fixed IP address and I can connect to it over the LAN with my AVG Firewall enabled. I have a typical soho LAN with a router/gateway on, the PC assigned an IP address by DHCP, and the projector with a fixed IP address of

At my office in the Netherlands, IT DOES NOT WORK. The Netherlands LAN has the same router/gateway address of, and again the PC is assigned an IP address by DHCP, and the projector has a fixed IP address of

In both LANs the projector connects via a LAN cat-5 cable to the router.

*** I am unable to find ANY entries in the AVG firewall log relating to either the program EMP_NSC.exe or the IP address

*** When I DISABLE the AVG Firewall, I can access and use the projector over the LAN without problem

*** When I ENABLE the AVG Firewll, I can still ping the projector's IP address, and I can still access the projector's configuration screen by web browsing to its IP address ( --- BUT the EMP_NSC.exe program is unable to "find" the projector on the network, or project the PC's screen to it.

**** My Colleague IS ABLE TO USE the projector via the LAN from HER laptop - but she is using a different Firewall (the windows built-in one) and so she has no problem.

**** I do not understand how I can find out what is being blocked by the Firewall, and I haven't a clue how to configure the Firewall to allow access to the projector

I do URGENTLY need to get this projector in use on the LAN by Tuesday, So I would be very grateful if you can explain (STEP-by-STEP please if poss.) how I can identify what my firewall is blocking and ALSO how to "allow" whatever is blocked so that I can use the projector over the LAN without compromising my Firewall.

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