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Feb 7, 2002
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Anyone own an Epson Stylus Cx6400, Cx5400 or a Cx3200 ?

I am looking to get one (my printer just died and my scanner sucks!) but the trouble with internet shopping is that you never get to see it until you've handed over your cash!

The Cx3200 is £84
The Cx5400 is £110
The Cx6400 is £140

I can't decide which one to get or whether the extra cash for the 5400/6400 is worth it...

Any thoughts appreciated :smashin:
There is nothing stopping you going and having a look at them at the nearest PC World, Currys or Comet.

They haven't started charging for looking yet, at least I don't think they have.:hiya:
Actually there is something stopping me going... Thanks for your sarcastic reply though - really helpful! :smashin:
I'm really sorry if you took it to be sarcastic, it was not meant to be.

I hadn't realised you were unable to go and have a look, if I caused offence please accept my apology, it was not intentional.
Don't worry about it. I was just hoping on the off-chance that someone might know something about them - every review I have read gave a different result!! :(
You are better of with separate components, just like a all in one stack Hi-Fi an all I one solution is a compromise and in this case probable one on design which will lessen the things the scanner will do i.e. probably be limited to single sheet scanning.

Also if one of the pieces of equipment breaks it will cost you as much to get it repaired (if not more) as to buy a new single item (printer or scanner).

I would only buy one if space was at a premium.

Thought you might want some sensible feedback...

I purchased an Epson CX5400 at Christmas from PC World online. I looked at the 3200 and was poised to go for it, until I saw the 5400. The 6400 did cross my mind, but I could not justify the extra few quid for the memory card reader.

Anyway. this is the first scanner, copier, printer I have purchased and oh - boy, what a piece of kit. I know there are probably much better printers out there, but for the price you will not be disappointed.

We are planning for our forthcoming wedding and this printer has taken a beating over the past few weeks. Printing out reply cards on fairly thick paper stock, edge to edge printing of photographs and I don't think the scanner has cooled down yet. The clincher was when we had a florist come round to discuss flowers with some examples from magazines, I turned the PC on and while it was booting up I noticed the Copy button - pressed this and out came a perfect clear colourful copy of three full page photographs before the PC had completed booting up.

I have a feeling that the ink is perhaps not the most long lasting, but the consambles are relativly cheap. The software is easy to use and the control panel is sensible. The accompanying image software is a little basic, but has some fun tricks and effects, but would not replace photoshop and the like.

All in all, go for the CX5400 - you won't be disappointed.

(although be wary about purchasing from PC World online - they were quick to send initial confirmation e-mails and a telephone call to confirm the following day, but took over three weeks to deliver. Perhaps not too bad, but we are all used to deliveries within days now - not weeks).

Oh, by the way - did I say it was quick...

Originally posted by Shady
Thought you might want some sensible feedback...

So Logo Hater’s and mine wasn’t?
Originally posted by Shady
You know what I mean...:blush:

Think I know now: an actual helpful review on the product rather than a helpful comment/opinion.
Originally posted by Shady
I looked at the 3200 and was poised to go for it, until I saw the 5400. The 6400 did cross my mind, but I could not justify the extra few quid for the memory card reader.

Great - thanks Shady - that was just what I wanted to hear :smashin: The 5400 sounds like the one to go for - I just wanted to hear from someone who had lived with one and experienced using it - good to hear that it is fairly robust... I agree that the 6400 is not worth the extra money for the card reader, especially as I already have a memory stick connector...

Thanks very much.

Garrett - thanks - I agree that seperates are probably better, but space is at a pemium for me at the moment so an all-in-one is ideal... :smashin:

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