Epson 5010e ceiling mount - position help


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I just upgraded my projector and got the Epson 5010e. I'm having a general contractor and electrician come in two days and need help with the distance and position for the projector.

I've already looked at:
Projection Calculator Classic - Throw Distance and Screen Size

I also bought an 120 inch elite screen: Elite Screens VMAX120XWH Electric projection Screen, 16:9 Aspect Ratio-120in (Max White): Electronics

from the above link I can see the viewing width is 96"
the projector calculator tells me:
Throw distance: 14'8"
Diagonal image size: 111"
Horizontal image size: 96"
Vertical image size is: 54"

So I'm reading the above that I should mount the project on the ceiling 14'8" ft away from the screen, but here is the issue, how bad would it be if I mounted it even further and slightly to the right? I'm asking because I don't want the projector to be an eye sore, so if I put it at the back of my room and slightly to the right of my dining room table where my lamp shade is, It will be more "out of the way". It does mean I need to use the shift feature of my projector and also zoom it in so that it can fit on my screen.

hoping to get some advice. i can post photos if it helps.

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Hi and welcome. I'm guessing your from the usa? what size is your room?

Edit, sorry just checked and its an tw9000 which does have lens shift. Can't you hold the pj in place and see what size screen you get at different distances?
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will lens shifting and zooming degrade the quality? I mean the projector calculator says the throw distance is around 15ft, I'm putting the projector 24ft away instead of 15ft, zooming it and using the lens shifter, how bad is that?


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Thanks True Romance. I've been reading this forum forever, this is the first time I posted, and really appreciate the help!

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